Mysogi-what? I think people uses long words wi…

Mysogi-what? I think people uses long words without knowing their meaning just to feel cool but hurt or whatever. Listen, anon kiddo, you are checking on a porn blog. Too hard? Go your way and stop being sensitive or be sensitive somewhere else. have a cup of bio- tea or something and support a Panda blog.

Oh, no need to be so harsh 🙂 

Disagreeing with me or finding my content problematic is fine by me 😉 At least, this guy / girl wasn’t shaming me for my kink or accussing me of promoting paedophilia like some complaints I had received before 🙂 

Also, I’m trying to make a friendly-to-all kind of blog promoting beautiful side of porn, so even people who are more socially sensitive than others are welcomed here 😉