Yes, I did find that massage parlor fantasy on…

Yes, I did find that massage parlor fantasy one insensitive. It's nice to know that you're so open to feedback though and that it was unintentional. I can understand wanting to make the posts more interesting and I wouldn't call your fantasies shitty, though I do find myself not favoriting or reblogging posts I normally would want to because I find the descriptions misogynistic a lot of the time. Your fantasies are your own territory though, and this is your blog, not mine.

OK, I appreciate your honesty.

It’s evident that we have kinda different point of view on things. I’m surprised (and bit of saddened) that you consider my captions misogynistic as I consider myself rather feminist than misogynist and I’m even regularly called “neo-Marxist”, “libtard”, “leftie” and so on when discussing SJW stuff on the Czech Internet. 

Well, if you are interested in discussing things you deem racist / misogynistic / insensitive in any way in more detail, I’m open to it. 

Anyway, I’ve written kinda lot of stuff about my thoughts on porn and sex here, so it can help you to better understand my standpoints. 

While making captions, I usually just want them to be funny and kinky. I’m generally not interested in realism in porn nor I’m trying to invent scenarios I would like in real life – I see porn as a sphere of pure fantasies. 

I sometimes like to play on issues linked to particular nations (for example, I used the scene when a Czech grandpa fucks a Russian girl to comment on Czech-Russian relations or I repeatedly used captions referring to Japan’s problems with low birth-rate and people losing interest in sex), but I always try to be careful and not to sound racist or distasteful.

In short captions, I usually use common porn scenarios wheres in longer captions, I’m trying to be more inventive.

btw. If you want to reblog something, you can easily delete any caption attached to it.