Gotta be honest; the descriptions at the botto…

Gotta be honest; the descriptions at the bottom of your gifsets are usually off-putting or racist in some way. Maybe don't post them anymore?

Hi, thanks for you honest opinion (I mean it). 

I’m really sorry that you find my captions off-putting. Maybe it’s because of difference in our tastes or because my poor English…or maybe I just have shitty fantasies 🙂 

But of course, my intentions are quite the opposite – I writte the captions to make my posts more interesting. So I would like to know what other people think about them…

Nevertheless, I’m worried that you find my captions racist since racism is against values I held and also against the philophy of this blog which should be friendly to everyone. Now I don’t know if this is just some misunderstanding or if I am failing to be sensitive enough when it comes to racial issues. 

I have feeling that you’re maybe refering to my latest post with Asian massage parlour / brothel. Well, I just intended it as an allusion to the fact that some brothels in Asian countries where prostitution is illegal are masked as massage parlourls. I didn’t want to play on the stereotype of “Asian hooker” (that don’t even exist in my country for obvious historical reasons) or something like that.  

Could you please specify what you find racist about my captions? I’m asking because I honestly want my blog to be better.

And what other followers think about my captions in general?