A dick fetish among straight guys and an appre…

A dick fetish among straight guys and an appreciation of Asian dicks

I have a straight female friend with whom I regularly talk about sex and porn. When I discovered Lady Dee in the early days of her career, I send her links to her stuff. She replied something like: “That’s a very pretty girl indeed. And she has a beautiful pussy. I would love to give it a lick!” 

For her, there was nothing strange about admitting she’s somehow sexually interested in another woman, since some extent of bisexuality among girls is perceived as common and openly accepted by our society (notice that even homophobic societes are almost exclusively concerned with male homosexuality and they don’t care about homosexual women at all). On the contrary,  bi-curiousness of straight males is not much admitted and talked about. But when you search Internet forums where people are more open thanks to their (relative) anonymity, you will find it’s also widespread. And one of its most common manifestations is a something I would call a dick fetish. And yes, I have it.


A lucky girl admires beautiful Japanese dick and she’s keen to put it in her mouth. I would be too in her place.

Why I call it a dick fetish?  

I’ve already talked about it here when I discussed my fetish for men with big bellies. But back then I was still puzzled by the seeming contradiction of being attracted to some sort of men when they are interacting with women and not being attracted to men when they’re alone. 

And that’s the reason I call it a fetish. Since fetish is something that spices up our sexual appetite and can make us more aroused but it isn’t so attractive for us on it’s own (if it’s not a fetish in the form of paraphilia). For example, you can really like women in high heels or in nurse uniform but you’re not attracted to the uniform itself – your main interest is a hot girl wearing it. 

I think it’s similar with attraction I (and many other guys) feel towards men. I’m not really attracted to guys and I don’t feel like kissing them, cuddling them or making love with them. But I’m aroused by certain parts of their anatomy in sexually charged situations. And I simply need a girl – my primal sexual interest – to make some situations sexually charged. 


Looks yummy, don’t you think?

Ok, so what’s so nice about dicks?

So, what parts of male anatomy I’m attracted to? Well, certainly to big, round bellies and to everything that a man has between his legs – a dick, balls and cum. That belly fetish is rather peculiar, but interest in dicks is very common. But why is that so?

I guess that of the main reasons is the fact that the idea of an erect dick is linked to our experiences of arousement and pleasure stored in our minds. If you are a man (or a transgirl or any other person with a dick), your feelings of excitement are almost always accompanied by the feel of your dick growing big and hard. So, if we see another guy with a hard dick, we find easy to empathize with his feelings of arousal.

Seeing other hard dicks around you in sexual situations makes your excitement kinda shared and emphasised (this is probably also one of the reasons why some boys like group masturbation). Well, if we are experiencing this collective excitement just by seeing other dicks, why not to go a step further and try to also touch them, lick them, suck them, or rub them against our own dicks? It’s only natural (wanting) to do so.


Be honest, don’t you feel like going there and help her to suck those dicks?

Dicks I personally like and why are the Asians more likely to have them

It may sound strange to you if I tell you I look for uncensored Japanese porn when I feel like watching some nice dicks in action (well, try it and look at this compilation of cumshots). Unfortunately, Asian guys are commonly stereotyped as unmanly persons with pathetic little dicks. Well, dicks of professional Japanese porn actors are not really little, but that’s not even what matters the most. Although I can certainly appreciate big sized dicks, there are other things that are more important to me. (And honestly, I’m quite annoyed by all those people on porn sites who are outraged if they see a dick that doesn’t resemble a telegraph pole.)

First of all, it’s a shape. I like dicks who are rather thick than long (I don’t like long but slim ones), with regular shapes, straight or slightly curved upwards. Glans should be big but not excessively oversized. A nice dick should also look absolutely hard rock and proudly standing when it’s erect. 

Also, I like dicks with rather darker skin. Pale dicks looks kinda unhealthy to me, especially if there is some redness on them.

So, Asian dicks are appealing to me mainly because of their color and nice shapes. I don’t really care if they are not big. Giant dicks like those many of American Black actors have look tempting to lick but I can’t enjoy seeing those guys fucking girls since I’m afraid it’s uncomfortable and painful for them. 

And what about you? Do you also have a dick fetish? Do you like dicks of Asian guys? And have you ever tried to touch suck an another guy’s cock? Or is it tempting for you?


Do you think that you are more manly and sexually potent than Asian guys just because their dicks are not so big as yours? Well, think again…