When did you realize you were into old man/you…

When did you realize you were into old man/young girl sex?

After some exposure to age gap videos. 

I went through a denial period before I gradually started to accept it turns me on. 

I think that my first significant encounter with age gap porn was thanks to this scene with grandpa Mireck and a Czech girl called Veronika (or Simone or Shana in some movies):

I liked the girl so I was searching for movies with her and I found this. It made me extremely jealous. I was like “What? Do you tell me that this fresh and beautiful young girl fucks this rotten, old and ugly geezer and not me?” but it also turned me on so I masturbated to it couple of times althouth I was feeling envious during it. 

Then I started to search for more old man / young girl stuff. Initially, I was fooling myself that I watch it purely because of the girls and that I find those grandpas gross. After some time, I was able to admit that I don’t think those men are gross but I was still more like “I don’t care how guys in porn look”. 

But I gave it a more thought like three years ago when I founded this blog and was able to find some reasons why I like it