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The question in the title is very typical for porn tube sites and forums where random people accidentaly stumble upon an age gap porn and they are frequently shocked or even disgusted by it. 

Sometimes it’s quite natural reaction as age gap sex is a taboo thing and it would be foolish to expect everyone will enjoy it.

But I guess that in some cases the disgust over age gap porn is somewhat related to common sugar baby / gold-digger stereotype – people (perhaps unwittingly) simply expect that hot girls are sexually attracted only to handsome young studs and when they’re dating some older and chubbier men folks tend to assume that their relationship is founded on “sex for money” scheme. Some men can be even jelaous and thinking about something like “OMG, why isn’t this hot babe fucking me but this ugly geezer?” Honestly speaking, that were pretty much my thoughts when I saw an age gap porn for the first time.

Of course that nowadays, my attitude to age gap porn is that of sheer admiration and I’ve written numerous times about it’s beauties and advantages.


Porn actors are still actors

But what about that question in the title? Do hot female pornars really enjoy having sex with old men or is it all just about money?

Well, at first we should note that porn is fictional genre and people shooting it are called porn ACTORS for some reason. Although shooting porn can be very pleasurable at times it’s still a job and a demanding one. Porn actors and actresses don’t always genuinely enjoy what they do in front of cameras, they just act in order to make a nice movie which will be enjoyed by audience.

There are some porn actresses who told me they don’t genuinely enjoy having sex with much older men but they still has shot beautiful age gap movies. This is hardly surprising. Consider that almost every porn actress shoots some lesbian videos despite not being actually attracted to girls and everyone seems to be OK with it. It’s the same with the age gap sex.

Porn tricks us. Thank god for that

Sometimes it’s even necessary to fake things. For example, Anina Silk has written this on her blog about one of her shootings: She experienced real orgasm on set but the director was dissatisfied with it as it didn’t look good on the camera. Therefore, she had to fake it in another take. Porn simply needs some stylization and acting in order to be really exciting.

Old men have some charm

And it would be also wrong to assume that porn actress automatically enjoy having sex with hung young boys. Actually, they very frequently complain that some young men doing porn are badly behaving thugs and they don’t like to work with them. On the contrary, numerous porn actresses told me that cooperation with old men is usually pleasant for them (although they are not attracted to them sexually) as they are polite, well-behaving, gentlemanly and know how to treat a lady. 

Granted, even money can be a factor here as age gap scenes are usually well-paid (as are most of the fetish scenes). But that doesn’t mean that porn actresses are some cheap whores willing to do anything for money. They are workers who want to get paid accordingly to their demanding jobs and we have lots of amazing movies thanks to them. So, we should be thankful and not judging. 

At last but not least, there are some porn actresses who admit they like old men genuinely. Here’s the list of some of them.

Since I’ve recently received few complaints suspecting that some of my posts actually depicts non-consensual intercourse, I reblog my old article on why are hot girl in porn willing to have sex with guys who are considered unattractive be many.

I would like to ad that I don’t use any dubious sources for my posts, so I suppose that all source videos I use have been shot under standard working conditions that involved no type of abuse of anyone. And of course, I strongly condemn any form of exploitation of women or sex-workers in particular.