The grandpa archetype

I’ve become fascinated by women’s beauty since I was little kid. I remember when I was like five or six and I was walking through a mall with my parents and there were lots of underwear ads all around and that beautiful women in them gave me both hard-on (naturally, I had no clue what to do with a hard dick at that time) and butterflies in my stomach. It was not just sexual arousal but complete admiration of that gorgeous creatures.

My love for women and everything feminine has only deeped since that time. I admire them as lovers as well as friends and I feel really good in their company. Therefore, my personal view of the male – female relations (I stress the word “personal”) is that the men’s purpose is to please and pamper women, to give them pleasure and security. That doesn’t mean that the men should be submissive nor patronising. They should just wholeheartedly love their female companions.

And I’ve recently realised that the way I think about men – women relationship is one of the reasons I enjoy age gap porn. I would say that the archetype of a grandpa posses all those qualities the man should have according to me.

Grandpa is someone who loves you unconditionally, he is protective and caring but not as intrusive and imperious as dads tends to be. Grandpas are gentle and affectionate – not just towards their grandchildren but also towards their young lovers. And that’s something I really love to see in old / young porn.