experienceisbest: Sexy Money She  never thought she’d end up in…


Sexy Money

She  never thought
she’d end up in his apartment. She’d been interning at his company
and was soon returning to college to finish her finance degree. She’d
spent an amazing summer as his assistant watching the way he played
the markets. She soon realized that most hedge fund managers are all
talk and no substance. That’s why none of them had been able to beat
the index funds for years. But this man, he took a different
approach. He took huge long positions when fear was at its height and
took even bigger short positions when the markets oozed confidence
about the future. He was the ultimate contrarian investor.

The strange thing
was the affect the money had on her. She supervised his trading book
and was privy to just how much money he was making for the fund. When
she saw the zeroes piling up, not only did her eyes widen, so did her
pussy. She got so wet from the excitement of all that hard currency
pouring into the company’s bank account. After work at night she
couldn’t wait to get behind her locked apartment door, tear off her
skirt and panties and finger herself to a massive orgasm.

True the money he
was making wasn’t hers, but there was just something incredibly
powerful and sexual to be a witness to what seemed like a human
vacuum cleaner who could suck such spectacular sums out of the
world’s financial markets. He’d short the Yen here, go long crude oil
there, bet big on a rising gold price before shorting treasury
yields, all before lunch time. This was a  material world that ran on
fiscal fuel and she had stumbled across a corner of it where the
daily weather seemed to consists of heavy showers of greenbacks
falling all around her.

She’d miss that buzz
when she was back at college but she really had to graduate. She was
amazed when he suggested taking her out to dinner after the markets
closed. She was just a humble intern while he was truly one of the
masters of the financial universe and sitting alone with him for just
an hour and hearing him speak was something high net-worth
individuals would pay a lot for. And there she was, getting his time
for free.

She thought he would
take her to one of the well known restaurants in town but instead
they took a taxi to a nondescript building in a quiet corner of town.
No sign outside, just an anonymous door with a buzzer. When they were
let in she realized that he had brought her to one of those
restaurants which doesn’t advertise and where you are allowed to
dine. It was so exclusive, she didn’t even see a bill being paid. It
seemed that the bill would be settled later in some discrete way.
Being there was all about being allowed to enjoy the best food you
could ever eat, without a grubby exchange of currency spoiling the

They talked about a
lot of things over dinner. Her plans after college. How she’d learnt
so much from him. How she hoped there might be an opening for her
later. Suprisingly, he suggested she go work for an acquaintance of
his after graduation. He explained that the strain of managing
billions everyday was getting to him and he was probably going to
wind the fund down and return everything to the investors. He thought
philanthropy was probably where he was headed next.

When he invited her
up to his apartment, she didn’t hesitate. He was single, so was she,
and besides, she also felt perhaps a little too relaxed after the
wine she’d drunk. Inside his apartment, it didn’t take long before
they fell into each others arms. He was kind and gentle with her and
every inch the gentleman. He realized she might be a little drunk and
said he should call her a cab. She kissed him on the lips and
declared she knew exactly what she was doing.

She’d never been
with a man almost three times her age before and it wasn’t what she
had expected. Somehow, she thought there would be something gross and
repulsive about it. Instead, it was one of the most exciting things
she had ever done. Perhaps because it felt so taboo.

After they kissed,
she admitted the thing she’d been keeping to herself throughout the
internship. She told him how aroused she became by the amounts of
money he was making every day from his investments and how she would
get home at night and masturbate herself wildly to relieve the sexual
tension that had been building up all day in the office.

He looked at her and
smiled. She wasn’t so unusual he said. Money is an aphrodisiac for a
lot of people. He took her by the hand and led down a hallway to a
study on the other side of the apartment. There was a tall picture on
one wall which she recognized as an original Gustav Klimt. He pulled
the painting back on one side so it swung back on hidden hinges to
reveal a security safe built into the wall behind. He pressed a code
into the safe’s electronic lock and pulled the door open. Inside were
a number of shelves and on each were arranged dozens of neatly
bounded piles of banknotes in every major currency you could think
of. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of all those naked
dollars and euros.

What did she think
he asked? She drew close to him and told him her pussy was dripping
and if he didn’t start fucking it in the next few minutes, she was
going to rip his trousers off anyway. It was the beginning of a
beautiful friendship.