For my follower Kat:That was the spot, Kat arched her back …

For my follower Kat:

That was the spot, Kat arched her back

just a little more and

and her eyes rolled back in her head in response.  She was totally in the moment, Jeff’s thick cock was rubbing and sliding most deliciously against her g spot and at the end of each stroke, the tip of his cock would slam into her cervix.  The combination had her floating in wave after wave of climax,  her brain had stopped,  the only conscious action she could take was to bear down on his cock to the rhythm of her orgasms. She was solely focused on milking the cum out of this man and having him fill her womb.

Kat ran a B&B in a beautiful coastal village in the southwest of Ireland.   She was cleaning up from breakfast, day dreaming,  looking forward to relaxing a bit before the guests returned from their sightseeing.  It was a warm spring day in May and Kat marveled at the color of the countryside our her window,  the lush green of the grass, the bright white of the hawthorn and the gold of the gorse brought back her  memory of the first time she had fucked a boy, out in the fields surrounded by the green, white and gold.  She blushed at the thought,  “shit Kat you must be ovulating” and she resolved to take a nice long tub and rub out a few orgasms just as soon as she was done cleaning.

Just then she heard a car on the drive,  “funny, no check in’s expected until later” she thought to herself.  She opened the door and a handsome 50 something man was getting out of the car and walking toward her,  he had a warm smile and a sparkle in his eye as he extended his hand and told her that his name was Jeff.  “Kat” she said, “can I help you?”  “Yes,  I am looking for a place to stay tonight,  I just landed at Shannon and I thought I would explore a little in the south before heading North to meet my golf buddies,” Jeff said.  “Well I can certainly accommodate you for a night or two, let me take your bag to a room” Kat said as she reached for his suitcase.  Jeff stopped her by grabbing her wrist firmly and holding it.  “NO,  I could never let a lady carry my bag Kat” he said a bit sternly.  Kat’s reaction to his touch and his voice was nothing like she had ever experienced before,  she did not know if it was fear, shock or desire that was bouncing around her mind as she stammered out a “s-sorry, let me show you to a room.”

Jeff followed her down the hall and up the stair and Kat opened the door and led Jeff into a beautify room, with large windows overlooking the hills and the fields.  She opened the window and the view again brought back her earlier memory and this time she felt herself getting wet and she also felt the pinch of her ovulation.  Jeff must have sensed her state of mind and her condition because he was right behind her now,  his hands on her hips, moving to her breasts and kissing her neck.  That was it, Kat’s desire exploded, she turned around and before she could move to kiss Jeff, Jeff grabbed her long red hair and pulled her mouth to his.  They devoured each other, she tried to give as good as she got, but she had never been kissed like this before.  The last thought she would remember having was “Kat you are crazy, this man is more than twice your age,  what are you doing?”  At that moment Jeff said,  “Kat I can tell that you are in need of a proper fucking.”  Kat nodded in agreement and in response Jeff ripped off her clothes and soon she was naked in his arms.  Jeff picked her up,  carried her to the bed and began to kiss her body, moving slowly all over her, kissing, nipping, sucking, getting closer and closure to her, by now, very wet pussy.  Jeff licked her wetness, and when he touched her clit it was like very light in the world went off in her head at the same time.  She greedily held his head against her pussy desperate for the release her first orgasm would give but he stopped, stood up and removed his pants.  Kat saw his cock move towards her,  it was thick and long and Jeff slid it inside of her slowly, filling her and stretching her.  It felt like noting she had experienced before.  Jeff began by fucking her hard from the start,  it was a little painful at first but the pain soon turned into a symphony of pleasure. Kay came over and over again as Jeff looked into her eyes and kissed her as he fucked her.  Jeff withdrew and flipped her over and said,  Kat it is time to fill you with my cum and he slid his cock deep into her again.  She arched her back to increase the pleasure and her pussy squeezed Jeff’s cock until he roared and exploded inside of  her.

Jeff ended up staying a week and Kat came to his room every night and by the end of the week she was throwing up when she woke up in the morning and she knew she would be having Jeff’s child.