Reasons Why the Types are in Detention


ENFJ: Skipped class to comfort their upset friend.

INFJ: Answered all their test questions with riddles that contemplated life; it was a math test. 

ENTJ: Tried to teach the lesson when the teacher turned their back.

INTJ: Made snide remarks about how ineffective the teacher’s teaching style is.

ENFP: Kept blurting out answers instead of raising their hand.

INFP: Started day dreaming in class and forgot to do their work.

ENTP: Tries to debate their way into getting out of homework. This starts a long rant about the pointlessness of the assignment and ends up insulting the teacher seven times.

INTP: Went to the library during lunch and forgot to go back to class.

ESFJ: Talked during a test to comfort a friend who was nervous.

ISFJ: Snuck a duckling that they found on their to school into class because they were afraid to let it stay outside.

ESTJ: They started yelling at their incompetent  partner for a class project.

ISTJ: They volunteered to watch all the “delinquents”. 

ESFP: Blasted loud music during class. 

ISFP: Snapped at a teacher who wasn’t respecting their opinion. 

ESTP: Started a student rebellion at lunch. There were two food fights and three fist fights initiated by the ESTP against the teachers.  

ISTP: Called in a false lock down so they could get out of their english essay.