experienceisbest: Making It RealShe was nervous, of course….


Making It Real

She was nervous, of course. Meeting him alone and in secret for the first time. She’d only ever had sex once before and that was with a boyfriend in high school who was her own age. To let herself be penetrated by a man who was so much older was something she’d never dreamt could happen just a few months previously. But tumblr age-gap porn blogs changed all that. She’d secretly browse those blogs late at night, when everyone else was asleep, and she found herself getting so wet from seeing all those older men penetrating those much younger women and reading the captions that went with the images. The text would describe what how those old men used those young women’s bodies and although she liked the images, she was made even wetter by the words.

She didn’t understand how she could be so aroused by something that she should have found perverse and disgusting. But not only was she aroused, she couldn’t stop fingering herself under the bed covers as she imagined those men doing those things to her, and she came so incredibly strongly every time. It was just a short step from that before she was secretly rubbing a real older man’s erection through his trousers and he was unzipping his fly and taking his cock out so she could kneel down and suck him like his obedient little whore. His cock was so stiff and erect in her mouth as she wrapped her wet lips around it and licked it with her tongue. She could feel in her mouth how the copious precum was dripping out and how ready he was to push it inside her pussy. She knew that everyone she knew would be shocked that an outwardly sweet, innocent young woman like herself could be willingly kneeling there with an old cock in her mouth. But she also loved the idea that they had no clue what a shameless little whore she really was inside.