Unfortunatelly, I’m quite overwhelmed by work these days so I…

Unfortunatelly, I’m quite overwhelmed by work these days so I don’t have a time to write about age gap porn more thoroughly. Therefore, this time it will once again just about some new releases.

New updates on classic old / young sites

An Oldje episode with Alice Nice and grandpa Mac

Nomen omen really works in the case of Alice Nice. She’s a good looking Czech newbie who is just 22 but seems to enjoy pretty hardcore stuff – at least judging from her work for Legalporno or GGG (that’s that German producer shooting nasty ganbangs with lots of amateur and mostly mature men). Alice fucks grandpa Mac whom I love for his round shaped belly. They look great together and there is one beautiful moment when he fucks her in jockey style and his belly rubs against her butt 🙂 Nevertheless, I would appreciate if he was more enthusiastic about that and thrusted her bit harder.


An Tricky Old Teacher and his cute, flat-chested student

Russian website Tricky Old Teacher released new movie starring Via Lasciva, a slim girl who has tiny boobies but also very pretty face and big appealing pussy lips. The teacher guy who looks more like a daddy than a grandpa fucks her both in the pussy and in the ass. Personally, I didn’t like anal sex but there are lot of people who do a who may appreciate it since anal is quite rare in age gap porn. In overall, it’s a pretty decent movie.

Blue Pill Men dildoing and fucking a cute blonde

Blue Pill Men are only major American age gap site and it’s a pity they keep releasing only one movie per month since they add welcomed flavor of diversity to the genre dominated by European, Russian a Japanese productions. Their newest movie stars cute,

naughtily-looking blonde known simply as Stacie. She wears dental braces which makes her look quite girlish. After all, she’s presented as a sexually unexperienced young girl whose pussy has been fucked by only one young boy. Grandpa Frankie initially pounds her with a dildo and then he let his friend to show her how it feels to be fucked by an old, big and experienced cock. It’s a nice scene but it makes me feel bit of sad about grandpa Frankie as his own cock remains in his pants for the whole time. 

Yui Hatano fucks a grandpa again

Beautiful Japanese lady Yui Hatano is 28, so she’s relatively old for porn (especially in youth-obsessed Japan) but I would say she belongs among the best and most hot AV idols nowadays. Great thing is that she does lot of movies with old men. After terrific Forbidden Care episode, there is a new movie with production code ZEAA-09 in which she’s banged by two mature men. It’s not a masterpiece as her other age gap movies but it’s worth watching. 

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